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Homework Help: childcare

Posted by Ms.Tina on Tuesday, July 20, 2010 at 3:02pm.

plz check theses

When parents ask for advice that you arenít capable of giving, you should refer them to a
A. parent discussion group. C. resource file.
B. guest speaker. D. parent handbook.

Parents should view a parent-caregiver conference as a time to be used primarily for
A. the caregiverís evaluation of their parenting techniques.
B. sharing information and ideas about their child.
C. informing the caregiver of their wishes concerning their child.
D. the caregiverís evaluation of their childís conduct.


According to this study unit, which one of the following is usually scheduled to occur once
or twice a year?
A. Newsletter
B. Parent-caregiver conference
C. Parent discussion group
D. Parentsí volunteer appreciation day


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