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need help with these problems:

The concentration of glucose in blood is usually about 0.10% (w/v). If 7.0 L of blood are in an average man, how many grams of glucose are in his blood?

To obtain the solute for 118 g of a 19.2% (w/w) solution of sugar we would weigh out ________ g of sugar.

How many moles of sodium chloride are in 993 mL of a 2.88 M solution of sodium chloride?

A salt solution is evaporated to dryness. If 79.4 g of the solution leaves 1,015 mg of dry salt, what is the percent concentration (w/w) of the salt in the solution?

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    0.1% w/v is 0.1 g/100 mL.
    (0.1/100 mL) x 7000 mL = ?g glucose.

    (grams solute/grams soln) x 100 = % w/w
    (g solute/118) x 100 = 19.2
    Solve for g solute.

    M = mols/L by defnition.
    Substitute M and L (convert 993 mL to L) and solve for moles.

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