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physics - trans. line

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A high-voltage transmission line with a resistance of 0.30 /km carries a current of 1040 A. The line is at a potential of 680 kV at the power station and carries the current to a city located 159 km from the station.
(a) What is the power loss due to resistance in the line?
b) What fraction of the transmitted power does this loss represent?

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    Lets assume it is a three phase transmission line, three wires running 159000 m

    Total power loss: 3*.30*159*1040^2=about 15megawatts.

    Total power transmitted: 680k*3*1040= about 2 G watts The 3 is because there are three phases.

    fraction=about 15M/2000M=less than 1 percent.

    check my thinking

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