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Physical Science

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If you can help with this problem, I would so appreciate it. If I can understand, I think I can do the rest of them. Here is the problem and the answer. How do I work through to the answer? A certain radio wave has a frequency of 1.03 MHz. What is the wavelength? Answer 2.91 "box" 10 "superscript 2" m (what does the box symbol stand for?) Thank you, thank you!!!

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    For a "radio" or light wave, travelling in a vacuum or air, the speed of the wave is
    c = 3.00*10^8 m/s

    The wavelength is given by the formula

    wavelength = c/f
    where f is the frequency.

    In your case,

    wavelength = 3.00*10^8/1.03*10^6
    = 291 m
    This can also be written

    2.91*10^2 m

    I have no clue what the "box 10" refers to. They are trying to say 2.91 times ten-squared. The "box" may be the multiplication symbol, for which I used *.

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