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Posted by Derrick on Sunday, July 18, 2010 at 11:56pm.

Which of the four factors affecting reaction rate is most important in each example below? Choose from among concentration, temperature, surface area, and catalyst.

A? Extra dish soap is added to help cut the grease when washing a frying pan. = Concentration

B) Firewood is chopped up into kindling(small pieces) to help start a fire.
= ?

C) A lighted match is brought near a candle wick in order to light the candle. = temperature

D) Lemon juice is rubbed on an iron sink to help remove rust.
= Concentration

E) The accelerator pedal in a car is presses, resulting in a faster consumption of fuel in the engine.
= Catalyst

F) The reaction of oxygen with sucrose in human cells takes place in the presence of an enzyme = Catalyst

G) In order to release the fragrance of garlic when frying it in oil, the garlic is crushed and ground = ?

H) A mild skin disinfectant containing hydrogen peroxide is prepared in a 1 percent solution, while a stronger formulation is prepared in a 3 percent solution. = Surface Area

I had some confusion with this, as you can see I didn't get two questions and some of them I guessed and tried to fit them with the best answer. Your assistance will be longed-for.

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