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A ball has bounce coefficient 0 < r < 1 if when it is dropped from height h, it bounces back to a height of rh. Suppose that such a ball is dropped from an initial height a and subsequently bounces infinitely may times. Find the total up-and-down distance in all its bouncing.

  • calculus -

    h[1 + 2r + 2r^2 + 2r^3 + ...]

    = 2h(1 +r +r^2 + r^3 + ..) -h
    = 2h [1/(1-r)] -h

  • calculus -

    distance= h+2hr+2hr^2+2hr^3...

    distance= 2h+2hr+ 2hr^2+... -h
    Isn't that an geometric series?

    sum= a/(1-r) -h= 2h/(1-r) -h
    check my thinking

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