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College Physics.

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A pendulum has a period of 1.8 s.

a) Its mass is doubled. What is its period now?

b) Its length is doubled. What is its period now?

The original pendulum is taken to a planet where g = 16 m/s2.
c) What is its period on that planet?

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    You should be able to figure these out yourself using the formula for the Period:

    P = 2 pi*sqrt(L/g)

    Note that it does not depend upon the mass of the pendulum.

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    really?? but how would i find L?

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    If you double L (the length), P increases by a factor sqrt2 = 1.414, no matter what L is.

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    (a) time period is independent of mass. so time period of pendulum remains same.
    let initial time period be t1 when length is l and t2 be time period after double of length,i,then
    =root 2xsqrt(l/g)....(2)
    from 1 and 2,
    t2=root 2 times t1
    where t1=1.8 s

    where g=9.8m/s,ti=1.8s and g'=16m/s
    solve n u will get answer

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