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1.When properly executed, the behavior management strategy
known as time-out becomes(a)
A. a positive reinforcer.
B. more effective than logical consequences.
C. a conversation between child and adult.
D. suitable punishment for misbehavior.

2. Which of the following statements regarding the zone of
proximal development is true?(d)
A. It refers to the need for adequate play safety.
B. It states that time-outs should increase as children
get older.
C. It suggests that consequences should be more severe for
older children.
D. It emphasizes the role of supportive adults in
children’s learning.

3.The formation of children’s core values is most strongly influenced by(B)
A. peers. C. elementary school teachers.
B. family. D. child care providers.

4. During a science activity, you overhear a colleague asking a group of children, “How
many different ways can you think of to build a bridge that will hold this weight?”(C)
This conversation is an example of
A. a divergent question. C. scaffolding.
B. a convergent question. D. modeling.

5. Anne lives in an extended family. That could mean that she(C)
A. has several siblings.
B. spends time with each of her divorced parents.

6. Many times, Barry seems to do things without thinking. He has a great deal of trouble
waiting for things, and he frequently leaves his small group and interrupts others.
Which exceptionality most closely resembles Barry’s behavior?(D)
A. Rett’s disorder
B. Autism
C. Asperger’s disorder
D. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

7. Some of the children in your care are overweight. The most immediate and appropriate(C)
thing you can do about it is
A. provide snacks, but only as a reward for good behavior.
B. talk to the parents about a special diet.
C. provide more opportunities for exercise.
D. discuss the benefits of being slim.

8. The terms preconventional, conventional, and postconventional are associated with(D)
A. Jean Piaget. C. Carol Gilligan.
B. Sigmund Freud. D. Lawrence Kohlberg.

9. Which of the following is an example of gross-motor skills?(C)
A. Snapping your fingers C. Playing catch
B. Pinching a clothespin D. Reciting the alphabet

10. Although boys and girls are relatively equal in physical abilities during middle
childhood, girls tend to be _______ than boys.(B)
A. faster C. stronger in their upper bodies
B. more flexible D. much better at throwing

11. When children manipulate, count, and measure objects, they enhance their cognitive
development to the stage that Piaget called(A)
A. concrete operations. C. moral realism.
B. latency. D. industry.

12. One of the most important functions of a child’s peer group is(B)
A. serving as a replacement for the parents.
B. providing opportunities for competition.
C. fostering love and understanding.
D. teaching about the world outside the family.

13. The best strategy for encouraging social competence with a group of school-age
children is to(A)
A. reassure the students about positive behavior.
B. punish students for antisocial behavior.
C. use external rewards.
D. model good social skills.

14. Children usually behave in acceptable ways when they(A)
A. know the rules. C. are scolded for misbehavior.
B. feel good about themselves. D. like the caregiver.

15. The most developmentally appropriate activity for a group of eleven-year-olds
would be(C)
A. coloring.
C. playing Twenty Questions.
B. reading silently. D. surfing the Internet.

16. Child care staff are most effective during science activities when they(A)
A. asking divergent questions.
B. answer questions as soon as they’re asked.
C. guide children through structured activities.
D. limit experimentation to ensure safety.

17. Samuel is beginning to realize that he has a talent for art, and he feels good about it.
Which of Erikson’s stages may he have reached?(B)
A. Autonomy vs. shame C. Initiative vs. guilt
B. Industry vs. inferiority D. Identity vs. role confusion18. Melissa plays with the same four girls every day. She has a lot of energy, is independent,
and is concerned about what her friends think.
18.Melissa likes soccer and baseball and takes
pleasure in beating the boys’ team. Melissa is most likely to be _______ years old.(D)
A. 3–5 C. 8–10
B. 5–7 D. 11–13

19. Christopher is eight years old. He enjoys rhyming games and crosswords and excels
at spelling competitions. According to Howard Gardner, Christopher demonstrates
__(C)_____ intelligence.
A. interpersonal C. linguistic
B. kinesthetic D. spatial

20. Bruno has been asked to list all of the uses for a paper clip. This is an example of (A)
A. convergent thinking. C. conservation.
B. scaffolding. D. divergent thinking

will you please check this ,thanks
1a 2d 3b 4c 5c 6d 7c 8d 9c 10b 11a
12b 13a 14a 15c 16a 17b 18d 19c 20a

  • child care -

    Most of your answers are correct.

    However, I disagree with your answers for 1, 12. and 20.

    1. Please check the definition of "positive reinforcer." It does not include "time out."
    12. Competition is not an important function.
    20. Is it divergent or convergent?

  • child care -

    Also, check # 4. Is it divergent or convergent thinking?

  • child care -

    i think number 4 is A

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