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a ball is thrown vertically upward from the ground with the velocity of 30m/s,
a)how long will it take to rise to its highest point?
b)how high does the ball rise?
c)how long after projection will the ball have the velocity of 10m/s upward?

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    The variation of height (y, in meters) with time (t, in seconds) is given by the equation
    y = 30 t - (g/2) t^2
    g is the accelertaion of gravty, 9.8 m/s^2.

    (a) The highest value of y is obtained when the velccity V is zero.
    V(t) = dy/dt = 30 - gt = 0
    Solve for t.

    (b) Use the value of t that you get in part (a) to solve for y(t) at that time.

    (c) Set V(t) = +10 and solve for t.

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