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12th grade

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If you start with 20 grams of hydrochloric acid, how many grams of sulfuric acid will be produced? Round to the nearest tenth. Don't forget the units.

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    "12th grade" is not a subject, and you have not said what the chemical reaction is.

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    I assume it must be

    2HCl + S2 ---> H2S + Cl2

    First, balance the equation (I already did it here)

    Then you convert the 20 grams of HCl into that amount in moles.

    Then you find out how many moles of sulfuric acid will be produced according to stoichiometry.

    Then convert the amount of sulfuric acid produced in moles into grams. That's how much will be produced

    And that's the procedure on how to do it. I didn't do the math for you because you need to learn how to do it for yourself. :)

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