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Homework Help: ChemISTRY (WEBWORK)

Posted by laila on Wednesday, July 14, 2010 at 3:30am.

A student measures the potential for cells containing A+B+and C+ ions and their metals and records his data in the table below:

............. Overall Reaction ................Potential (V)
Cell#1'''''''A(s) A+(aq) B+(aq) B(s)''''''''''''0.90
Cell#2''''''A(s) A+(aq) C+(aq) C(s)''''''''''''0.25
Cell#3''''''C(s) C+(aq) B+(aq) B(s)''''''''''''' 0.65

Which ion (A+B+C+) reduces the easiest?

A. A+
B. C+
C. B+

For the cell: A(s) A+(aq) C+(aq) C(s). If the concentration of C+ decreases, the cell potential,
Ecell, will______ (increase or decrease), because Q value for the reaction will_______ (increase or decrease).

For the cell: C(s) C+(aq) B+(aq) B(s).
Metal________ is the "negative" electrode.

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