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A speeder traveling at 41 m/s passes a motorcycle policeman at rest at the side of the road. The policeman accelerates at 3.3 m/s2. To the nearest tenth of a second how long does it take the policeman to catch the speeder?

Im sorry I am new to physics this is my first year and I still have no idea what to do for this problem. The other two that drwls answered I had them correct before drwls answered them and was using it as a check. When I reworked them drwls way, I got the same answer. However on this problem, I am at a loss because I feel there is not enough data, and I am obviously wrong. I worked it differently than u said and got 12.4 seconds, which sounds wrong. Then I worked it again and got 24.8 seconds. Please help!

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    check your answers:
    a. In 12.8 seconds, how far do each travel?
    1) d=41*12.4=508.4m
    2) d= 1/2 (3.3)12.4^2=253.7 m
    well, that time is wrong.
    So check the other and see if the distances match.

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