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Homework Help: physics

Posted by confused on Tuesday, July 13, 2010 at 8:49am.

1. If our sun shrank in size to become a black hole, using the gravitational force equation, explain why the Earth's orbit would not be affected.
2. Strictly speaking, you weigh a tiny bit less when you are in the lobby of a massive skyscraper than you do at home. Why is this so?
3. Ultimately, the universe may expand without limit, or it may coast to a stop, or it may turn around and collapse to a "big crunch." What is the single most important quantity that will determine which of these fates is in store for the universe?
4. Which requires more fuel - a rocket going from the Earth to the moon or a rocket coming from the moon to the Earth?
I know more fuel is required to go from the earth to the moon but why?

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