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Posted by alexandra on Tuesday, July 13, 2010 at 1:57am.

calculate the lattice enthalpy of potassium fluoride from the following data:
enthalpy of formation of K(g):
+89 kJ mol−1
first ionization energy of K(g):
+418 kJ mol−1
enthalpy of formation of F(g):
+79 kJ mol−1
electron affinity of F(g):
+328 (H = −328) kJ mol−1
enthalpy of formation of KF(s):
−567 kJ mol−1


1. 1481 kJ mol−1
2. 904 kJ mol−1
3. 497 kJ mol−1
4. 347 kJ mol−1
5. 825 kJ mol−1

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