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Homework Help: Physics Check

Posted by Ariel on Monday, July 12, 2010 at 2:31pm.

Since I've been waiting to get my answers checked for my submission #2, I moved on to my submission #3 and I need some questions checked for my submission #3 please.

1.)If a blue car drives 10km/h across the deck of an ocean liner that is traveling at 90km/h, what is the blue car's speed relative to the surface of the water when it drives toward the front of the ocean liner?

a)10 km/h
b)80 km/h
c)90 km/h
=d)100 km/h

2.)A motorboat travels at a speed of 40 km/h relative to the surface of the water. If it travels upstream against a current of 12 km/h what is the boats speed relative to the shore?

a)3.3 km/h
=b)28 km/h
c)40 km/h
d)52 km/h

3.)An airplane flies north at a speed of 150 km/h relative to the air through which it flies. If there is a tail wind of 50 km/h, what is the plane's velocity relative to the ground?

a)3 km/h north
=b)100 km/h north
c)150 km/h north
d)200 km/h north

4.)A plane flying 100km/h due north encounters a crosswind of 100km/h "from the east" (i.e. blowing westward). What then, is the plane's velocity relative to the ground?

a)141.4 km/h northeast
=b)141.4 km/h northwest
c)100 km/h northeast
d)100 km/h northwest

5.)A bullet is shot from a rifle aimed horizontally at the same time a bullet is dropped from the same height as the gun's barrel. Which bullet hits the ground first?

a)The fired bullet
=b)The dropped bullet
c)Both bullets the ground at the same time

6.)A car drives off a vertical cliff that is 122.5m tall. If the car lands 100m from the base of the cliff what was the cars speed as it drove off the cliff.


(#6 I just really guessed because I don't know what to do so I just 122.5-100=22.5 so I just stuck with that.)

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