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Physic Check

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These are questions I'm unsure about out of 20 for my submission #2. Someone please check soon. My answers have an =.

1.)A ball is rolling across the top of a billiard table and slowly rolls to a stop. How would Galileo explain the motion of the ball as it stopped?

a)The ball's natural state is at rest b)The ball stopped because it ceased to be pushed
=c)The ball stopped due to external forces such as friction

2.)The distance an object travels per unit of time

=a)Is its speed
b)Is its velocity
c)Is its acceleration

3.) A man leaves his house and begins walking in a straight line. After 2 hours he is ten miles from home. Calculate the man's average speed in terms of feet per second. (There are 3600 seconds in an hour and 5280 feet in a mile.)

a).14 feet per second
b)1.47 feet per second
=c)7.33 feet per second
d)380160000 feet per second

4.)A woman is walking at a rate of 4 miles per hour. Her pet hedgehog is walking at a rate of 5.82 feet per second. Who is traveling faster?

=a)The woman
b)The hedgehog
c)Neither, they are traveling at the same speed

5.)The distance and direction an object travels per unit of time

a)Is its speed
=b)Is its velocity
c)Is its acceleration

6.)A car traveling at 8m/s due north speeds up to 10m/s in the same direction. If it takes the car 5 seconds to change its velocity what is the car's acceleration?


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    all correct, go to the head of the class.

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    Okay when it comes down to ariel. you are INCORRECT .

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    p.s sorry for the misspelling.

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