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explain the methid used to get the answers 45m*cos33=37.7m and 45m*sin33=24.5

  • trig -

    Draw a right triangle, and label it
    ABC. AB should be the hypotenuse,
    BC the vertical side, and AC, the
    horizontal side. Angle C is the right
    angle. make angle A 33 deg.and AB 45m. We are going to solve the triangle using the trig. functions.

    45m*COS A = 45m*COS33 = 37.7m = AC.
    45m*SIN A = 45m*SIN33 = 24.5m = BC.
    B = 90 - A = 90 - 33 = 57 deg.
    We have solved the triangle completely.

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