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A simple pendulum, 2.0 m in length, is released from rest when the support string is at an angle of 25 from the vertical. What is the speed of the suspended mass at the bottom of the swing?

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    Let A be the pendulum angle, which vaires sinusoidally with time. R is the pendulam length

    R sin A = X

    Xm = 2.0 sin 25 = 0.845 m is the oscillation amplitude (measured horizontally)

    X = Xm sin (w t)
    is the equation of motion

    w is the angular frequency
    w = sqrt(g/R) = 2.21 rad/s

    Vmax = w*Xm = 2.21 rad/s*0.845 m
    = 1.87 m/s

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