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physics grade 11

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Fretta and her brother deucde to visit some friends near a house.they decide to travel along the road and go 250 m(W),360 m(W40degreesN), and then200 m(N)..

we need to find :the resultant displacement.

hi please help me with this, so far iv figured it out as a rombus shape, so i tried to divde it into two triagnles and use the cosine law and sine law to figure it out.. except it keeps giveing me 0.3 cm.. and that seems very wrong

  • physics grade 11 -

    I don't get what you mean by "W40degrees"
    but if it means 40 degrees west of north then the answer is :-

    take the rectangular components:

    net displacement along X axis
    X = -250 - 360cos60°
    = -430
    (the signs are -ve cuz west corresponds here to negative X-axis direction)


    Y = 200 + 360sin60°
    = 511.76 = 512

    net displacement in vector notation =
    -430i + 512j

    Magnitude = _/¯(-430)² + (512)²

    {_/¯ means under-root}

    so REquired answer = 668 Approx

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