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Literature HELP!!

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Effectively interpreting symbols in a poem requires _____.

A. a degree in English

B. knowledge about the time period and author as well as evidence from the poem

C. Internet research to see what other people have said about the poem

D.rhythm and meter to make the symbols lyrical

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    Which answer do you think is best?

  • Literature HELP!! -

    Honestly, I don't know that's why I am asking you to help me understand.

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    Obviously, A is not the answer. I assume you don't have a degree in English, but your teacher expects you to have some knowledge of symbols in poetry.

    Symbols vary from time and place. Understanding the time period and location of the poem, as well as the poet's background will certainly help interpret poetic symbols.

    People have been interpreting poetic symbols since long before the Internet.

    Rhyme and meter have nothing to do with symbols in poetry.

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    I agree with Ms. Sue's analysis. I don't think any of those answers are right!

    Where's "none of the above"?

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    I'm sorry I was confusing. I think B is the best answer.

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    Thank you for the help ..

  • Literature HELP!! -

    You're welcome.

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