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You tell me:-)

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Hey, this is a simple question my teacher asked us all students today infront of the class and no one got it right. I'd like to know what the importance of sustainability is?

  • Unknown -

    Which class? Sustainability can apply to many different subjects.

  • You tell me:-) -

    In my book, sustainability means I don't want to be a flash in the pan.

  • ms sue -

    The subject is science and sustainibility is referring to the ability of an ecosystem to sustain ecological processes.

  • Science -

    If an ecosystem doesn't sustain itself, then the fauna and flora change.

  • You tell me:-) -

    Well, first of all I'd get a good dictionary and write down all the meanings. Then I'd choose the best!

    Try the following links, especially the first one:

    And it could depend upon the discipline (class/area) that teacher is teaching.

    I can tell you what happened in AP and IB classes. The students who got "easy A's" also gave up easily in these honour classes. The ones that were used to grinding away (sustainability) did better!

    Sra (aka Mme)

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