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math-algebra please help

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The line y=0.15x+0.79

represents an estimate of the average cost of gasoline each year.

The line 0.11x-y=-0.85

estimates the price of gasoline in January of each year (“Consumer price index,” 2006).

a. Do you expect the lines to be intersecting, parallel, or perpendicular? Explain your reasoning.

b. Use the equations of the lines to determine if they are parallel. What did you find?

c. Did your answer to Part b. confirm your expectation in Part a?

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    the first equation has a slope of .15
    the 2nd equation has a slope of .11


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    a.The lines are expected to be intersecting ; if not , there would
    be no solution to the set of equations.

    b. Slope1= 0.15, Slope2=-A/B=-0.11/-1
    =0.11. The lines are intersecting,
    because the slopes are not equal.

    c. Yes.

  • math-algebra please help -

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