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MAth word problem

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lisa left home in a car that was traveling at the rate of 48 km/hr. she walked home at the rate of 6 km/hr. the round trip took 1.5 how far did lisa ride?

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    One of the best ways to do these is by using a "chart"

    on the top: distance --- rate --- time
    one the side: the two cases, in this problem: by car , walking

    ....... dist........rate....time
    car ...48t ...... 48 ...... t
    walk 6(1.5-t) .. 6 ..... (1.5-t)

    So where does the equality come in ????
    Ahhh, their distances are the same!

    so solve
    48t = 6(1.5-t)

    ( I get t = 1/6 and
    distance = 48(1/6) = 8 )

  • MAth word problem -

    thank you reiny^_^

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