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Calculus please help!

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Suppose you have a set of data points for x and t. Using the below formula you need to graph a STRAIGHT LINE.

x = 1/2 a t^2

Now, I know I would graph x versus t, but do I graph:
-x versus t
-x versus the root of t
-x versus t^2
-or possibly x^2 versus t???

Soo confusing!

Please help!
Thank you so so so much!

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    and please explain why so I understand how to do this!

    thanks again!

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    well, it makes no sense.

    I assume you have a set of data points. If so, plot them. Is it a straight line, or a second degree curve? If it is a straight line, then use y=mt+b and find m, b from your data plot. If it is a parabola, use y=at^2+ b, and find a,b to match the points.

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    Graph x versus t^2

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    Here is the answer I gave to the same question yesterday:
    I would graph x versus t^2 but is that correct?

    Thank you very much!

    * Math/Calculus - Damon, Friday, July 2, 2010 at 8:36pm

    Sure, that will work.
    You could also use a sheet of graph paper with log scales.
    log x = log [.5 a t^2] = log(.5 a) + 2 log t

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