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Chemistry 152

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For a certain reaction, the enthalpy change is -148.5 kJ, the entropy change is 256 J/K, and the free energy change is -250.1 kJ. At what temperature is the reaction occurring, in C?
Choose one answer.

a. 85
b. 102
c. 124
d. 158
e. 210

I keep using equation delta G=delta H-T(delta S).......I plug in numbers but keep getting 147.5K then if I am trying to get celcius I get 125 which only thing close is 124 and not sure if its right once I manipulate to get T.

  • Chemistry 152 -

    Check your algebra. I get something like 400 K (close to that) and that -273.15 = very close to 124. (123.8 or something like that).

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