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Homework Help: chemistry, chemical kinetics

Posted by student on Friday, July 2, 2010 at 8:33pm.

I keep getting these questions wrong, could someone please help.
Thanks so much.

Question 1

For the following overall reaction, the rate constant is 3.4x10^-2.

A(g)+ 2B -> 2C + D

What may be the rate reaction?

Question 2

The rate law for this reaction is R=k[NO][Cl2]

Mechanism for the reaction.

NO + Cl2 -> NOCl2
NOCl2 + NO -> 2NOCl

Which of the following accurately describes this reaction?
2nd order reaction
The first step is the slow step
Doubling [NO] would quadrople the rate
Cutting [Cl2] in half would decrease the rate by a factor of 2.
The molecularity of the first step is 1.
Both steps are termolecular.

I'm not sure but for this particular question I think the answer may be 2nd order reaction and cutting [Cl2]....

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