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Fairgoers ride a Ferris wheel with a radius of 5.00 {\rm m} . The wheel completes one revolution every 31.5 s

What is the average speed of a rider on this Ferris wheel?

If a rider accidentally drops a stuffed animal at the top of the wheel, where does it land relative to the base of the ride? (Note: The bottom of the wheel is 1.75 {\rm m} above the ground.)

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    The angular speed is
    w = (2 pi radians)/31.5 s = 0.2 rad/s

    The speed of a rider remains V = R*w at all times

    I cannot interpret your {\rm symbol.

    If a stuffed animal is droppped at the top of the whhel, it starts with a horizonal velocity V = R*w.

    Proceed in the usual way (Newton's laws) to get the time to fall and the place where it lands after that

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