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A 50g ice cube is added to 110g of water in a 62g aluminum cup. The water and cup initially have a temperature of 23°C. Find the initial temperature of the ice cube such that all of the water is just turned to ice. Use the following specific heats: water = 4186 J/(kg•K), ice = 2090 J/(kg•K), and aluminum = 900 J/(kg•K). The latent heat of fusion for water is 33.5e4 J/kg

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    find the heat needed...

    Notice this heat is "negative), meaning it was lost. (it is negative heat gained).

    now, the heat the ice gained.


    Now add the heats gained...set to zero.

    heat ice gained+heat water(and aluminum) gaied [remember this is negative] =0
    solve for Ti

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    97.93 celcius

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