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I need help with these 3 problems.

1. An amusement park charges admission plus a fee for each ride you go on. 2 admissions and 5 rides cost $22. 2 admissions and X rides cost $24. What is the charge for 1 admission and the charge for 1 ride.

2. Find the lenght of the hypotenuse of a right triangle with legs of length 6 and 10. Give you answer in simplest radical form.

3. Solve. 3x^2-5x-1=2


  • Math -

    1. Where it says X rides, are you sure there is not a number there? There is not enough information in that problem the way it is written.
    2. For right triangles, use the pythagorean theorem. a^2+b^2=c^2..6^2+10^2=? Then simplify that.
    3. Use the quadratic formula: (-b+-sqrtb^2-4ac)/2a
    Post your answers if you'd like them checked.

  • Math -

    2a + xr = 24
    I need to know x to solve for a and r.

    h^2 = 6^2 + 10^2
    h^2 = 136
    h = 2 sqrt 34

    x = [5 +/- sqrt(25+12)]/6
    = [ 5 +/- sqrt (37)]/6

  • Math -

    on questin 1 the number was cut off the page i guessed it was either 6 or 7

  • Math -

    here are the answers i got please check them.

    1. Still need help
    2. 2 sqrt14

  • Math -

    at a travel agency the cost of a trip to mexico is $350 for an adult and $200 for a child. One month, the agency sold 50 trips. Of these trips,y trips were for children. The travel agency collected c dollars from selling all 50 trips. Write A linear equation for C in terms of y.

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