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1.)Which of the following statements is true?
=a)Although they differed in form, all State constitutions embodied the same basic ideals.
b)Most of the early State constitutions gave great power to the executive branch.
c)Some State constitutions were authoritarian, while others were democratic.
d)The State constitutions of former charter colonies were very different from their colonial charters.

2.)In most States, the right to vote was originally denied to all but which one of the following groups?
a)Women who owned land
b)White men who owned property
=c)Wealthy blacks
d)Children of rich parents

3.)Which of the following statements would the Framers of the Constitution have disagreed with?
a)A government with well-constructed institutions is much more likely to live up to its ideals.
=b)The English government was admirable but ultimately failed to preserve the rights of its subjects in the colonies.
c)As long as a government is founded with good ideals, it will always govern its people well.
d)A good government must promote balance between order, democracy, and liberty.

4.)Which of the following statesmen was the strongest supporter of liberty as a political value?
=a)Alexander Hamilton
b)Patrick Henry
c)John Adams
d)Thomas Jefferson

5.)The former colonies _____ most of their power under the _____.
a)retained, Articles of Confederation
=b)shared, Confederation
c)lost, Articles of Confederation,
d)relinquished, new State constitutions

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    Rephrasing #2 for you:

    2.)In most States, the right to vote was given only to which one of the following groups?

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    Only # 1 is correct. Please study your text materials carefully. On these 10 questions, you only have 40% right.

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    LOOK LADY why would I post these questions without studing my "TEXT MATERIALS"! I knew this site was a JOKE!

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    you people have no respect for getting help the people that help you make sure your answers are correct dont have to help there taking time out of there day

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