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Homework Help: AED 204

Posted by Rayna on Thursday, June 24, 2010 at 3:43am.

Can anyone help me answer this question. I need it to be 200 to 300 words.
Riley Behler, a third-grade teacher at the Martin Luther King Elementary
School, has been asked to see the principal, Erin Wilkerson, after the students
leave. Dr. Wilkerson explains that the school is implementing a full
inclusion program in which children with severe disabilities will be fully integrated
into general education classrooms. Because Behler had been a nominee for the district’s
teacher of the year award two years ago and singled out for his outstanding
classroom skills, Wilkerson had decided that Behler would be a likely choice to be a
part of the school’s first attempt at full inclusion. “What this will involve, Riley, is
two students with severe disabilities. One is a child with Down syndrome who has
developmental disabilities (characterized by severe delays in the acquisition of
cognitive, language, motor, and social skills). He has some severe learning problems.
The other child has normal intelligence but is nonambulatory, with limited
speech and severe cerebral palsy.” Dr. Wilkerson advises Behler that while the district
had mandated the implementation of full inclusion, she is asking for teachers
to volunteer in her school.
“If you are willing to be a part of this program, you will have a full-time aide with
a special education background. In addition, Bill Gregg, the inclusion specialist, will
assist you with instructional plans and strategies. What is important is that you prepare
the students in your class and the parents so that a smooth transition can be
made when these students come into your class in January, in just two and a half months. If you agree to do this, I’d like you and Bill to map out a plan of action and
give it to me in two weeks.”
This scenario has been played out in schools across the country in recent years.
1. What should Behler and Gregg’s plan of action include?

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