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Posted by Ariel on Tuesday, June 22, 2010 at 9:11pm.

I was helping someone do a run on maze assignment and I just want these questions checked. The instructions said Complete the maze by following the correct sentences.
These ones are the one's that I think weren't run on sentences.
I enjoy fishing, however, I rarely eat fish.
The clouds are lifting and the rain is stoping.
I enjoy doing this since I like puzzles.
First you turn right, then you turn left.
Here is my sock. I couldn't find it.
If you persist, you will find the way.
It must be cold, I have the shivers.
His idea seemed fine, but it didn't work.
When I nod, you toss the ball.
Since she loves to dance, she is taking ballet.
I can hear it, but I can't see it.
Because I worked so well, I feel quite pleased.
There is a Wrong way:there is also a right way.
These are the ones I think are run on sentences:
This pen won't write, it must be out of ink.
They can't have left, the car is still here.
The first plum looks good:the second looks better.
This can't cost a dollar. That's to cheap.
There is the prize, now how do I get it.
The way seemed clear, Iwas surprised to be blocked.
My aunt lives nearby, she'll pick me up.

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