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2. Mrs. Carroll and Ms. Howard decide to divide all profits and share all losses using a fixed
ratio. If the ratio agreed upon is in proportion to their original investment, what would be
Ms. Howard’s share of a $60,000 end-of-year profit? (Hint: The original total investment
was $32,000—$8,000 from Ms. Howard and $24,000 from Mrs. Carroll. Ms. Howard’s
$8,000 is one-fourth, or 25 percent, of the total.)
A. $10,000 C. $25,000
B. $15,000 D. $30,000
3. What type of business tax form do Mrs. Carroll and Ms. Howard need to file 75 days after
the close of the fiscal year?
A. Schedule C C. Form 1120
B. Form 1065 D. Form 990
4. Carefully read the following paragraph:
Learning takes place during all the child’s activities and interactions. The classroom is
organized to give children opportunities to explore, discover, and grow in a warm, secure
environment, with teachers prepared to guide and challenge.We recognize that all children
are unique individuals who learn in different ways, at different times, and from each other
as well as from adults.
This statement is an example of
A. standards. C. regulations.
B. a philosophy. D. a goal.

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