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I have tried this 3 ways and this is my last chance to get ir rigth please help.

Dave is buying pizza and soda. Suppose that a slice of pizza and a can of soda each cost $4

Let E be the amount in dollars that Dave spends on pizza and soda. If Dave buys P slices and S cans of soda, which one of the following equations correctly describes the amount of money he spends?

E= 4P+4S
E= P+4S
E= P+S

Now rearrange the equation you wrote above so that S is written in terms of E and P. Which of the following is correct?


and then I have to graph it out of the last 18 questions I have got 3 wrong this one I can not get for the life pf me, its like trick terminology or I am overlooking something. Can someone help please.

The graph then says based on the budget constarints where each S and P are 10 with a line drawn straight down, how much money does Dave have?

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