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How much does a sleeping bag cost? Let us say you want a sleeping bag that should keep you warm in temperatures from 20ºF to 45ºF. A random sample of prices ($) for sleeping bags in this temperature range was taken from a magazine.
93 106 86 109 81 111 118 117 118 116
For these sample data, the mean is and the sample standard deviation is Using the given data as representative of the population of prices of all summer sleeping bags, find a 95% confidence interval for the mean price of all summer sleeping bags. Round your answer to two decimal places.

81.02 to 106.78
95.57 to 106.78
92.62 to 115.43
95.57 to 115.43
92.62 to 106.78

  • Statistics -

    You need to calculate the mean and standard deviation first, or at least put it down in your post.

    95% interval = mean ± 1.96 SD

    Z = ±1.96 = (score - mean)/SD

    Insert the values of mean and SD to find the score.

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