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The cost in millions of dollars, to remove x%of pollution in a lake is mideled by C=6.000/200-2x. A.) What is the cost to remove 80% of the pollutant? Remember that the cost is in millions of dollars. B.) For what value is the equation undefined? What does your answer mean?

  • parentheses needed -

    Whenever there is a division, insert parentheses to indicate the beginning and the end of the denominator, for example:
    is not the same as:
    I believe the expression supplied was the latter.
    A. 80%
    C=6.00/(200-2*80)=6/40=0.15 M$
    B. When the denominator becomes zero, the expression for the cost is undefined.
    If the denominator is (200-2x), when it becomes zero, then
    Solve for x.
    When the expression is undefined, what does it mean in everyday terms?

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