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Teaching as a Profession

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• Write a 200- to 300- word paper in which you list 3 to 5 factors that define teaching as a professional career. Elaborate on how these factors are employed by teachers on a daily basis.

Here is what I have thus far. i was having trouble elaborating on the final area discussed. Any feedback would be much appreciated.

Teaching as a Professional Career
The educational system is a vital part of the sophisticated civilizations of today. The school system is demanding higher standards and accountability of teachers than ever before and yet some individuals continue to have difficulty identifying teaching as a profession. However there are several aspects and requirements of teaching that qualify this career as a profession. There are five main components that a career must possess to qualify as professional. The first includes an emphasis on decision making. It is essential that educators possess the ability to make effective decisions on the spot based on their experience and understanding of the teaching profession. Every day in the classroom teachers are faced with countless decisions to be made. For example teacher must decide daily; how to group students for assignments, how long a topic should be studied, what the most effective delivery of new information would be, how to incorporate multicultural lessons, and so on. In fact teachers make more decisions in a day than various other professional positions might make in weeks. In addition to making critical decisions a profession also requires reflection of the decisions that one makes. Teachers must continually reflect on the important decision made within the classroom to gauge the effectiveness of the approach and to determine what could be done differently to receive a different outcome. Self analysis is crucial when holding a teaching position it will allow for continual personal growth and further development of one’s philosophy of teaching. A specialized body of knowledge is also a key characteristic of a professional.

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    A person cannot teach something with which he/she is unfamiliar. Not only do teachers need to thoroughly understand their subject matter, but they also have to be able to relate it to the learners.

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    Thank you, Ms Sue!

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