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I'm kind of rusty on my calc here...

ok ther's a graph of velocity vs time w/ velocity in m/s and time in seconds were time is of course the x-axis

k I'm asked to describe how the velocity changes over the timer interval in this interval

the graph consists of three segments joined together

i said that for the first segment which is slanted upward and is a straight line

dy/dx = 5 m/s for the time interval of the segment

i said for the second segment which is completely flat straight line that

dy/dx = 0 m/s for the time interval of the segment

I said for the third segment a completley straight line slanted downwards that

dy/dx = -2.5 m/s

ok i think that's the right notation correct?

Then I was asked how does the distance traveled by the car of the interval of the segment relate to the velocity of the graph shown

ok so im asked to find the area of a rectangular area I forget the notation for this


were the top number of the integral is the last x value of the second line segment

the bottom number of the integral is the first x value of the second line segment right?

now what goes to the right of the integral i forget this...

were do i put the y value of the line...

basically how do i right this in calculus notation and then simplify it

a line segment, were dy/dx = 0 at y = 20 from the interval x = 16 and x = 4

i know that it simplifies to
(16-4)20 but they wont the calculus notation first and then show the simplified version...


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