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rate laws and concentrations :: Chemistry.

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A student studied the kinetics of the reaction of sodium hypochlorite and a vegetable dye by the method of pseudo order. He mixed 5 mL of a 0.67 M solution of NaOCl with 15 mL of a vegetable dye, he took a portion of the mixture and absorbance was measured at intervals of 20 seconds over a period of 10 minutes. Then he made a graphic with his date for ln (absorbance) vs. time and which resulted in a straight line with negative slope. The straight line equation was y = -0123 x + 12.20. Furthermore it is known that the reaction order with respect to NaOCl is 1. Using this data answer:

1. What is the order of the reaction with respect to the dye?
2. What are the initial concentrations of NaOCl and the dye in the reaction?
3. What is the rate constant and its units for the reaction between NaOCl and the dye?

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