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The area if a rectrangular swimming pool can be represented by the trinomial expression 6xsqaured+5x-4. If x= 4m, what is the total area of the pool and what are it's dimensions?

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    Wherever there's an x, put in 4m and solve. 6(4m)^2+5(4m)-4=

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    Oh Thank you,
    But them what are the dimensions?
    How do i figure out that?

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    Our area of
    6x^2 + 5x - 4 factors to

    so if x = 4

    3x+4 = 16
    2x-1 = 7

    So the length is 16 and the width is 7

    Note that 7(16) = 112 which is what you get if you follow Jen's substitution.

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