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What is the tension in the rope of this figure description?

60 kg person is hanging in the air on a rope attached to a pulley, with a 100 kg mass attached on other end that is touching the ground.

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    The person weighs m=60 kg, so it takes 60 kg weight (mg) to keep her suspended.

    If there is no motion, the tension on the rope is therefore 60g.

    The next step is to establish if there is motion.

    If the pulley is frictionless, then the tension on each side of the pulley is the same, T=60g.

    At the 100kg mass, the tension of 60g being less than 100g, the 100kg mass will remain stationary.

    Note: if the masses do not remain stationary, the resulting acceleration will change the tension in the rope.

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    T= 588 N because F=ma. ma=(60 kg * 9.8m/s2)

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