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Dynamics question please help i am stuck...!

A model helicopter of mass 5.0 kg rises with constant acceleration from rest to a height of 60 m in 10 seconds. Find the thrust exerted by the rotor blades during the ascent

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    Thrust required to keep the helicopter stationary
    = weight of helicopter
    = mg

    To find the vertical (upwards) acceleration, we use the formula:
    S = distance = 60m
    u = initial velocity = 0
    t = time = 10 s
    =1.2 m s-2

    Total thrust
    = 5 kg ( 9.8 + 1.2 ) m s-2
    = 55 N

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    get a square root of spooky SAS 2 divided by the matrix of two plus two minus X multiply the eigen value of .23 electron volts equals macanca.

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