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How much energy (in kilojoules) is released when 26.5g of ethanol vapor at 86.0C is cooled to -12.0C? Ethanol has mp = -114.5C , bp = 78.4C, delta H vap = 38.56 (KJ/mol) and delta H fus = 4.60 (KJ/mol) . The molar heat capacity is 113J/(K.mol) for the liquid and 65.7 J/(K.mol) for the vapor.

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    You must calculate the heat evolved in stages, then add all of the heats together to obtain the sum. Here is the way you go about it.
    q1 = heat lost in moving the vapor from the starting point to the boiling point.
    q1 = mass vapor x specific heat vapor x (Tfinal-Tinitial) where Tfinal will be the boiling point and Tinitial is where you start.

    q2 = heat lost in condensing the vapor at the boiling point.
    q2 = mass vapor at the boiling point x delta Hvaporization.

    q3 heat lost in cooling the liquid vrom the boiling point to the melting (freezing) point.
    q3 = mass liquid x specific heat liquid x (Tfinal-Tinitial) where Tfinal is the melting point and Tinitial is the boiling point.

    q4 = heat lost is freezing the liquid.
    q4 = mass liquid x heat fusion.

    q5 = heat lost in moving the temperature from the freezing point to the final T.
    q5 = mass solid x specific heat solid x (Tfinal - Tinitial) where Tfinal is the final T and Tinitial is the melting point.
    qtotal = q1 + .....q5.
    Watch the units. I note most of the specific heats are in J or kJ/mol but the mass is in grams.

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