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4. Assignment: Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration Powerpoint

Energy acquisition is essential for all life. Whether the organism is classified as plant or animal, single-celled or multicellular, the exchange of energy and the formation of products consist of a series of chemical reactions that occur at the cellular level.

· Resources: Ch. 10 and pp. 276-306 of Bioinquiry, Appendix E, and the student companion Web site
· Review the following activities:

o Section 10.4: How Do Organisms Acquire Energy?

o Light-Dependent Reactions

o Light-Independent Reactions

· Section 10.3: How Do Organisms Use Energy?


o Krebs: Preparation and Cycle

o Glycolysis a

· Do Not do Appendix E. Instead Create an 9- to 11 slide Microsoft PowerPoint® presentation on Photosynthesis and Respiration
· Address the following processes in your presentation:
Light-Dependent Reactions, Light-Independent Reactions, Cellular Respiration, Glycolysis, Krebs Cycle and Electron Transport. In each process cover the following: its purpose, the role of Carbon, the role of ATP, inputs and outputs.
· Include detailed speaker’s notes on each slide.
· Format your presentation, in-text (speaker notes) citations, and references according to APA standards.
· Submit your powerpoint to the Assignments link of ecampus and as a reply to the Main Forum presentations thread as a Microsoft® PowerPoint® attachment.

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