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Geo (locus)

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I don't fully get this stuff but some of these I guessed on and some I think I;m close so will someone check/ help me please? * is the answer I put

1. Point A is 0.5 cm from j. k and k are parallel and 1 cm apart. Find the locus of points that are 0.75 cm from A and equidistant from j and k.
*a.)No points
b.)One point
c.)two points
2. Points A and B are 2 m apart. Find the locus of points 3 m from A and 3 meters from B.
a.)No point
*b.)One point
c.)Two points
3. A segment PR is determined if points P and Q are given and Q is the midpoint of PR.
c.)can't be determined
4. What is the locus of points equidistant from R and from S in a given triangle ΔRST.
a.)angle R
b.)altitude of triangle RST
*c.)perpendicular bisector of RS

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    1. question has typing error "k and k are parallel "
    2. wrong. There are two
    3. correct
    4. correct

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