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Geometry cheak

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Choose whether the lines given below are parallel, perpendicular or neither. 4x - 6y = 9; 3x - 2y = 11
-6y+4x=9 -2y+3x=11
-6y=(9/-6)-(4/-6x) -2y=(11/-2)-(3/-2)
y=2/3x+-3/2 y=-3/2x+-11/2

so they would be perpendicular.
Is this right??

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    slope of 4x-6y=9 is 2/3
    slope of 3x-2y = 11 is 3/2

    so neither parallel nor perpendicular

    for the equation
    Ax + By + C = 0
    the slope is - A/B

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    Thank you:)

  • Geometry cheak -

    Decide whether the pair of lines is parallel, perpendicular or neither: 2x+3y=3 2x+3y=10

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