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A baseball leaves the bat with a speed of 44.0 m/s and an angle of 30.0 above the horizontal. A 10.0-m-high fence is located at a horizontal distance of 132 m from the point where the ball is struck. Assuming the ball leaves the bat 1.0 m above ground level, by how much does the ball clear the fence?
A) 4.4 m
B) 8.4 m
C) 13.4 m
D) 17.4 m
E) 18.4 m

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    The travel time to the fence is
    T = 132 m/(Vo*cos 30) = 3.464 s

    Vo = 44 m/s.

    Write an equation for the height (y) of the ball vs time and determine its height at time T.

    y = 1 + Vo*sin 30*T - (g/2)*T^2

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