February 28, 2017

Homework Help: Chemistry

Posted by Amy~ on Thursday, June 10, 2010 at 5:28pm.

I don't understand this:
For the temperature vs time graph for heat and changes of state.

The graph starts at -2.1 degrees C
The heat of fusion is at 2.0 degrees C
The heat of vaporization is on 101.0 degrees C. The graph ends at 103.0 degrees C.

So to get the heat of solid it is C(m)(Temp.) for the temp. would it be 2.0 + 2.1 = 4.1 degrees C

Then what temp would I use to find the heat of liquid? Would it be 101.0 - 2.0 = 99.0 degrees C OR 101.0 + 2.0 = 103.0 degrees?

Then what temp would I use ro find the heat of vapor would it be 103.0 - 101.0 = 2.0

I just don't know if I have to minus for add the temp to find the temp to use for the equation. Although I think that it's minus...

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