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The label on a one-pint bottle of water lists the following components. If the density is the same as pure water and you drink 2 bottles of water in one day, how many milligrams of each component will you obtain? calcium 28 ppm, fluoride 9ppm, magnesium 14 ppm, potassium3.0ppm, sodium 16ppm

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    I'll do the first one. The others are done the same way.
    28 ppm Ca = 28 g Ca/10^6 g H2O =
    28000 mg Ca/1,000,000 g H2O =
    0.028 mg Ca/1 g H2O = now convert to 2pts = 1 quart = 0.946 L = 946 g H2O.
    0.028 mg Ca/1 g H2O is the same as
    0.028 mg Ca x 946/1 = ?? mg Ca in 2 pts H2O.

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