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My answers were incorrect. These were the instructions. Choose the correct form of the following verbs in the pretérito perfecto:

Ayer _______ toda la tarde (all afternoon).

My answer neivo.

Anoche María y yo _______ una mila (mile)

My answer corrieron.

Mi jefe no me _______ (pagar) ayer.

My answer paguo.

Ayer yo me _______ muy tarde.

My answer acostaste.

Hace un mes yo _______ (aprender) a tocar la guitarra (to play the guitar).

My answer aprende.

La lección pasada ustedes _______ el imperative.

My answer aprendio.

El martes pasado tú y yo _______ en el río.

My answer nadaron.

I am unsure of what I did wrong. I would be grateful for assistance. Cheers!

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    First of all, along with the instructions, there should be a model (modelo) in a good textbook! The terminology changes from text to text, generation to generation. Hopefully what you are calling "pretérito perfecto" was formerly known as as el pretérito anterior. That would be the pretérito of the auxiliary verb haber plus the past participle: hubo hablo is an example.

    It helps to also give me the infinitive, IF you were given the infinitive?

    1. hubo nevado (nevar = to snow?)

    2. hubimos corrido
    (Are you getting the pattern? Please check with your text book and if you do NOT have the Instructions plus a model, ask your teacher to DO a model with the class. I never let any student go home to do homework without knowing what to do! We always did at least ONE modelo for each section.

    3. hubo pagado (next time, if you could number everything it will be much easier for me to know where I am. My eyes no longer "scan" up and down, up and down at all well!

    4. hube acostado
    (By the way, this tense is SELDOM even used! There must be some special reason in your text, and I'd like to know the title and author/etc. if you would, for teaching this.

    5. Hace un mes QUE (was that there?) hube aprendido
    (Here's what happens when a student does the wrong thing, as you have done = it takes MANY TIMES doing it correctly to "erase" the wrong switch in the brain! = so to speak!)

    6. hubieron aprendido *el imperativo

    7. hubimos nadado

    Do you think you have it now? Next time it would be a good idea for you to do one, let me check it, get you on the right track, then you do the rest, after which I'll check for you!

    ¿de acuerdo, hijita?


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